The international furniture exhibition will take place within 04 days from March 9th to March 12th, 2007 at the EXPO Singapore International Exhibition Center to introduce and connect companies and branches in Asia and the world. This is one of the events that are of interest and expectation to all professionals, designers, customers as well as interior lovers in Asia. Fair introduces home furniture, office furniture, decorations, furniture related products from modern furniture to classic style, luxury.

With a large space as well as a sizeable investment, the IFFS is a good experience for the attendees as well as opening up opportunities for businesses, connecting the network of people working in the industry. International Furniture Fair Singapore 2017 also attracted 12 brands from Vietnam, continues to promise more export opportunities for the furniture industry.

Overall view from above

One of the interior themes of this year's furniture show is green design

Green mainstream under the Pantone 2017

Simple, elegant sofa set of prestigious Harbor furniture company

A rustic kitchen corner with wood and iron

Young design suitable for modern families

2. Frontliners in Action

Architectural exhibition on the role of architects in the position of the creator of the better living environment and the close connection between architecture and people. Occurs from March 3 to April 8 at the Atrium National Design Center.

The workshop addressed the creation of space, breaking the limits and overcoming the challenges and limitations of resources such as social, environmental, natural or human factors.

Including three projects: 'Space to Imagine, Room for Everyone', 'Limitless' by MKPL Architects and 'Living Shelter' by WY-TO and POD Architects.

The photo captures a visitor

Design of the future

The layout is impressive, unique

3. The Interior Design Festival Singapore (IDFS)

Workshop to improve the understanding of professional interior design between consumers and businesses. Organized for the first time in Singapore by the National Furniture Design Alliance, expresses its commitment to the international commitment to achieving and maintaining the values ​​and character of the profession.

Through discussions with experts from Houzz, and the famous and prestigious RADAC Center, issues of businesses and individuals operating in the field of interior design are mentioned. The seminar also offers solutions through the close connection between the customer and the professional supplier. An excellent opportunity to learn, inspired by standard, world-class designs. IDPS also exhibits the works of the 2016 Excellence Designers and Designers - Singapore's leading interior design awards in the Pacific region.

Space of the seminar