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Purchasing steps toward Vietcastco Website:

Step 1

following by show-case & cursor to press any kinds of goods to be interested, all the goods details & designs are presented for customer to choose  their choice.

Step 2:

Customers are allowed to choose their choice to buy from our website & it will be automatically available for you.

Step 3:

At goodsbasket page, orders form  are provisional in each selected goods, customers are able to adjust the quantity needed, from the goodsbasket by cursor to press the  cork.

Further cursor to press on each goodsbasket will latter return to initial stage to choose  from the  buying list.

As long as customers are satisfy with his/ her  choice inside goodsbasket then cursor to press  enter to pay.

Customer will be notify after we receive his/her order form by telephone or e-mail in other to confirm his/her official term  of  delivering service suitable according to his/her required.


Your e-mail and telephone information will be  convenient for our company to contact you  in other to satisfy your order form.

Our rules operation is to satisfy the whole-heart that participate in our products.

Customers information are highly protected.

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