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Crystal Lamps for nice house
Friday, 9/17/2010

To choose the crystal lamps for each room to suit your taste, utility and interior design is not a simple thing

Besides the selection of prestigious showroom, to have the satisfied crystal lamp set, you also need to listen to a designer to get the best choice.

There are three factors to keep in mind before selecting c handeliers :

- Styles: Must fit space. Currently, these kinds of crystal lamps are arranged in rows so prevalent and popular.

- Effective using: space of light using that need the strong or soft light, there is the crystal lamps with capacity and colors to enhance lighting and decorations.

- Quality: Crystal Lamp is easy to use, suitable for a variety of classic and modern space. You can easily feel the naked eye about brightness and color of light through refraction from light shining to the space. The high crystal lamps often shimmer in a clearer light than the lamps that have normal quality, shallow and dim light.

Choose lamps suitable space:

- Lamp width and height must be proportional to your room space.

- Lighting: If the room light should be large, you should use a lamp with high power capacity, if there is only simple to use corner lamps or table lamps to provide light for more decorative, it should be choose a crystal lamp with light soft, or other color suitable to tones of wall paint.

The combination of modern lamps with classical space or vice versa will sometimes break the old order to make out how the new definition for the room, creating a unique point of light.

 For example if the wall using black and white wallpaper, you can choose a red crystal lamp, the effect of the refraction of red light spread on the black and white wall, it will help the space more lively and attractive to the unexpected.

In addition, the light of crystal lamps also has feng shui sense, helping in the air circulation, so you should choose lamps in such a way that it is suitable and most prosperous air. Your room will become more attractive thanks to the shimmering reflections of stylish and fashion crystal lamps.



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