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Enriching the living space
Tuesday, 8/17/2010

In a house, the decorative elements where the interior always express “the reach” of the host culture. Residential interiors successfully complete only the spiritual values and aesthetics as it shows the high consistency between designers and users in. In other words, designers must listen and understand their customers to turn the wishes, interests, their cultural “assets” into specific expressions.

This house which was introduced, was not a success toward finding differences in portraying space. It is improved based on an old frame house where was pretty well fixed and the landlord does not want to “demolish” too much. Through the artwork can be seen that the success of this design expressed in the confidence and comfort of users.

Whether real or fake trees and flowers ... always be taken into space

Bar - prevent between kitchen and public space is also an opportunity to display decorative

The “culture” nature of the space has been “enriched” when the architect built up surfaces towards vertical as well as horizontal for home-owners to decorate the tastes, his fun collection in a most natural way. Despite decorative elements have different backgrounds, as is the documentation of the old town, the old, as are the paintings donated by friends and family, as the items are all pretty small souvenir collector in missions at home and abroad, but all are arranged in a natural way.

Obviously if there is no capital to live rich, it can hardly be held a living in that way. Someone may have observed that a little cumbersome, or issues need to review dosage. However, by looking, my feeling way, I appreciate that people can know to express the personality, “liking” his aesthetic in space.

Corner lobby staircase with decorative elements

A cozy, spacious parents bedrooms

If each family has few, though many, in one way or another, that created the “self” to their homes, in the living culture of Vietnamese I believe that it will be very rich and has its own characteristics. Here I suddenly remembered a few verses of my friend forget his age - Mr. Doan Quoc Vinh - titled “Home ...”:

“Peacefully walked out in every morning ...

Waiting for the evening, the terrace steps ...in”

Article and photo: architect VU HONG CUONG (by Beautiful House)

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