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Casting flow model
Tuesday, 6/22/2010

Eng. Le Viet - General Director of the Saigon mechanical and foundry joint-stock company (SAMECO) and his colleagues group have just officially announced the successful implementation of technological processes of casting more complex flow of high quality for mechanical engineering, with a capacity of 600 tons per year. This is the first time when this technology has made the company successful in the country. These results will provide practically help for the domestic market the products of high quality embryos (domestic help businesses reduce production cost), improving competitiveness and export businesses Mechanical ...

According to Eng. Le Vietnam, creating embryos (embryonic and crude supply for the assembly process outsourcing) is one of the important mechanical industries. The domestic companies so far are mainly used molding sand technology, but drawbacks are low-quality castings and high rate of waste products (over 30%). Flow pattern is cast in a new way with many advantages. Samples were castings made of low temperature flow, flowing quite durable but easy to create holes in the mold without mold division. Compared to sand cast mold, casting flow can be more complex, have thin, high surface quality, significant reduction of mechanical, highly detailed finished casting can be used immediately. Casting could be flowing products weighing from few grams to several tens of kilograms.

Flow casting is being used very much in the world. The lines in casting technology flows more samples because of high quality products and the rate of damage is low. According to a survey of materials science technology Polytechnic University Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is only a technology business model casting flow, only for the production of decorative and fine art products. In the Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone is a Japanese company to apply this technology to manufacture mechanical parts, but these products are mainly exported to Japan and the world market.

Eng. Le Vietnamese have decided to find ways to quickly transfer, hold and mastering this technology, there is such a new industry could help the development of Ho Chi Minh City mechanical engineering industry. Mr. Viet invested nearly 10 billion VND for the targets mentioned above (the capital of the company is more than 3 billion and loans from the fund the development of science and technology of Vietnam 4.7 billion and loans from the Sai Gon Industrial Park Development Co. 1.6 billion). After a time reference, Eng. Le Viet and his colleagues approached to economic development organizations overseas (JODC) and the Japanese company Wakoh. The Japanese agreed to transfer technology and management experience (flow casting technology, production organization, quality management system and implement 5S) for Sameco.


Once agreed, expeditiously Sameco build factories, purchase equipment and prepare technical staff. The early in January / 2009 Eng. Le Viet said the present Sameco seized and mastered the secrets of technology transfer by Japanese experts - namely the technological process casting alloy products and spare parts are parts by weight 0,1 -30 kg, with the output of 40-50 tons per month (480-600 tons / year). Sameco has successfully produced the first test the product ordered by the Japanese - after checking the quality has met the requirements of the Japanese - the Japanese products that will be used in areas such as decorative details on aircraft, trains, automobile parts, motorcycles, sewing machines, electrical equipment, industrial equipment, industrial valves high pressure valves, food, medical ...


Sameco said, after considering the production capacity and product quality of Sameco organizations JODC (Japan) has decided to order Sameco long term, may be worth up to $ 100 million / year . One other good signal is Sameco also received orders for Korea and some European countries ...

Eng. Le Vietnamese sharing “Mechanical situation and cast metal in HCM City in particular and the country generally backward over the world, we stand out boldly investment casting line technology flows with desire to create a breakthrough to create new products and new models of high quality. These positive results show that the initial investment is necessary, reasonable and highly effective. To create more favorable conditions, in the next time we hope the authorities will let us be free of any tax reduction for investments in machinery and equipment for the project”.



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